Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry starting at $99

About the service

At our Lumina Dental offices in Tampa Bay, Lakeland and Lutz we offer sedation dentistry so that most complicated, complex and scariest procedures will be the most relaxing. We are committed to bring your dental health back and give you the beautiful and natural smile you always wanted.

Are you afraid of going to the dentist?

When you visit the Dentist and you start sweating, thinking about the painful procedure you had with the previous dentist, relax! At Lumina Dental in Tampa Bay we care about you and your comfort, we have a relaxed environment to help you put your mind at ease.

Why choose Lumina Dental Periodontal Disease Treatment Services?

At Lumina Dental in Tampa Bay we offer professional dental cleaning in order to treat any type of Periodontal Disease.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

IV Sedation.

We administer a dose of an anti-anxiety drug through the blood during your dental treatment. An IV sedation dentistry is sometimes referred to as ‘twilight’ or ‘sleep’ dentistry.

Inhaled Minimal Sedation.

You will breathe the famous “laughing gas” (nitrous oxide) combined with oxygen through a mask that’s placed over your nose. This type of sedation will help you to relax and your dentist at Lumina Dental will be able to work effectively.

Oral Sedation

Depending on the total dose given, oral sedation can range from minimal to moderate. For minimal sedation, you will take a prescription medication.

Deep Sedation

You will get medications that will make you either almost unconscious or totally unconscious during the procedure.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

  • Overcome fear and anxiety. Creates a relaxed environment.
  • Pain-free for your dental procedure
  • Sleep while we work

At Lumina Dental we dedicate ourselves to provide the most comfortable and painless dental services. Our dental offices are modern and up to date to give our patients the best dentistry experience. Give us a call Today and let’s begin working on your smile together.

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