Custom take home whitening trays are now only $99 (Normally $299). We also offer 1 hour in office whitening.

About the service

Our in-office whitening protocol consists of four 15-minute whitening sessions, followed by two take-home treatments of Whitening Gel to achieve your desired whitening result and maintain them.

Case study findings

In accredited whitening case studies, patients saw an average improvement of 4 shades and several patients saw results of 6 shades whiter.

What to expect

At your initial consultation, your dental professional will verify that you’re a candidate for whitening, assess your shade and take impressions for your custom fabricated trays. Your in-office procedure will begin with prep and the first of four Whitening in-office gel applications. The Accelerant lamp accelerates whitening so that each of the four sessions last only 15 minutes. Post treatment your dental professional will provide custom trays along whitening gel so you can achieve a bright, white smile.

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