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Cleaning your teeth everyday after every meal is really important, but this along with flossing is just part of a successful routine. We recommend visiting your dentist at least twice a year to ensure a healthy mouth. At Lumina Dental in Tampa Bay we provide dental cleanings using professional instruments to remove plaque, tartar and any bacteria buildup that can’t be easily removed by you.

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Why choose Lumina Dental Cleaning Services?

Dental Cleaning should be done regularly by a licensed Hygienist or a Dentist typically every 6 months or earlier depending on your dentist’s recommendations.


Benefits of Dental Cleanings

• Prevents gum disease and gingivitis
• Allows early detection of any dental problems
• Improves aesthetics of your teeth and smile
• Removes stains caused by caffeinated beverages
• Boost your dental health
• Brighter teeth
• Improves bad breath

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